21st Amendment’s Back in Black Helps While High

By: Theresa Shultz

Drinking while you’re high just got a little more enjoyable. I’m referring to being high in the sky while on a plane, jeez…what did you think I was talking about?

En route on Virgin America from New York back to California, I decided to treat myself to a cold brew. Now, I usually fly Southwest Airlines (because, of course, they’re cheap as hell), which usually had a “wonderful” array of watered-down, instant headache beers available. (For the sake of me attempting to be neutral and professional , I’ll leave the names of these beers out of this post.)

Forward thinking, Virgin America has been smart enough to offer high quality snacks and drinks to customers on their flights. Not only can you nab a sandwich from Gilt Taste or fancy snacks from 479 Popcorn, you can also enjoy -my absolute favorite- 21st Amendement’s Back in Black.

If you religiously follow micro brew news or just 21st Amendment like I do, you’ve likely already seen the tweets about Back in Black being offered on Virgin American flights. I’m not writing to break old news to you, Im making sure you are able to enjoy a Back in Black next time you’re 36,000 feet from the ground in one of Richard Branson’s projects.

  1. On the next trip you take, fly Virgin America
  2. Once the plane takes off, check out the drink menu through the screen in front of you
  3. Once you find Back in Black, place an order for two (or three, or four)…these babies sell out fast, trust me on this one
  4. When the drink cart comes by, tell the flight attendant you would like your beers one at a time
  5. Enjoy the heck out of your flight

Why am I telling you this? Because I am currently on a flight stumped about what i’m going to do about the fact that the entire plane is sold out of Back in Black!

21st Amendment Back in Black (San Francisco, CA)

ABV: 6.8%

IBU: 65

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