Avery’s Out Of Bounds Stout

By: Katie Schroepfer

First Impression: Love the label. It screams Colorado on it with the skier and snowy mountains behind the nice “Out of Bounds Stout” wording on it. The label itself made me really excited to try this and it definitely didn’t let me down.

Pour: The pour was everything I expected from an Avery beer. It had a full head and just led to more excitement to try the beer. Roasted malts with chocolate fill the smell of this stout, expectedly so.

Taste: Perfect. Out of Bounds Stout is a great stout, nothing less than what I had hoped and expected. Definitely better than their Old Jubilation ale, but the two can’t be compared because they’re very different. Good thing you can get this wonderful beer year around.

Grade: B+

ABV: 6.3%

IBUs: 51

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