Asher Brewing Co. Tree Hugger Organic Amber

By: Jake Bartsch

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Boulder, this particular area of Colorado is known for very liberal and progressive views. And while this often leads to the epoch of unreasonable measures, there are glimmers of evolution that can gives us hope for a better world. So what does this have to do with drinking beer? Asher Brewing is a completely organic and sustainable brewing company. All of their ingredients are natural. From the wind they use to power the place to all the spices in the beers, everything they make is au natural. Even the waste from the brewing process gets recycled by local farmers who use it as compost or feed. And for making the world of beer more environmentally friendly, I have to commend Asher on their approach to making a beer.

But I digress; I went to Asher to review the taste of their beer. Unfortunately, I had been having a bloody nose for the two days prior to my visit (due to dehydration and the dry Colorado air). So while being unable to smell anything, I tried Asher Brewing for the first time.

To reiterate from my previous article, I am not a hops guy. Whether I haven’t found a hoppy beer I enjoy yet, or if I just don’t like the taste of hops, I’m not a fan of hoppy beers. I politely informed the bartender of my disposition and asked for her recommendation. I trusted her choice and was presented with the Tree Hugger Organic Amber.


First Impression: Poured from the tap, this beer had a dark body with a rusty tint. I couldn’t detect any smell through my useless nose.

Taste: The initial taste of this beer is, in my humble opinion, how a beer should taste. It was smooth and sweet, with a full bodied malt flavor. But that initial flavor quickly blends with a spicy hop aftertaste. The two continue to alternate until the drink is consumed.

Glass Half Full: At the halfway point, I decided to see how this beer would go down quickly. Again I was greeted by the smooth initial taste. Only this time, the after taste came back with a vengeance. The initial taste was no different (not stronger or weaker), but the after taste got stronger as my glass went down.

Final verdict: As I finished this beer, I had no more of that great initial taste I longed for. All I was left with was a spicy aftertaste. This is the first time I was truly disappointed with the taste of a beer. And the only reason I was left in a feeling of wallow was this beer had given me such hope with the initial taste. I was let down when the aftertaste overpowered this been.

Grade: B-

ABV: 6%

IBU: 25

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Asher Brewing Tree Hugger Organic Amber