Anchor Brewing’s Christmas Ale

By: Katie Schroepfer

anchor beerAlways being a fan of Anchor Brewing’s beers, I had high hopes for their Christmas Ale. One of their traditions is that Anchor Brewing’s creates a unique Christmas Ale every year and the tree on the label changes as well.

First Impression: The tree in the middle is a fun, well balanced tree, portraying the beer in a great way. The label is just exciting, you don’t really know what it’s called unless you know that Anchor just calls their seasonal beer Christmas Ale. It makes it more exciting knowing this isn’t the same brew from the year before.

Pour: The pour was perfect. It was dark, rich and creamy. The head was lighter, but still just as full as one would expect from this dark beer. It looks like a perfect Christmas ale. This Christmas Ale has a strong smell of caramel and nutmeg along with some other spices.

Taste: A well balanced taste is the first thing to be noticed while drinking this beer. It’s full rounded, darkly spiced and this is a beer that would be good for years to come. It’s almost worth it to stock up on some of this beer to save it for the following years, but it’s also too tasty to keep around. Needless to say, this beer didn’t last long around me.

Grade: A

ABV: 5.5%

IBU: ?

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