American Brewery Caboose Oatmeal Stout

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American Brewery Caboose Oatmeal Stout


By: Chasse Gunter

I thought for this review I’d try a few new things—which was one of my many long neglected New Year’s resolutions. I picked a beer that was not my style of choice and I tasted and wrote about it from home (as opposed to at the bar). I’m not saying I’ve never drank or wrote at home, but I had never wrote about what I drank at home. Yeah, that one’s a little bit of a long shot—but hey—resolutions are hard. Though it probably doesn’t matter much, for the integrity of the tasting process, I feel it’s necessary to note all possible “contaminates” from the environment and food during the tasting, so here they are: I watched Taxi Driver on the couch and ate peanut M&M’s that I found on my college campus—so if the review is contaminated by any outside force, know now that the accompanied flavors are from Robert De Niro and Mars Incorporated. The beer I chose was called the American Caboose Oatmeal Stout. Like I said, I don’t typically choose Stouts or Oatmeal, but this beer sounded appropriately American for Taxi Driver and there was an awesome, dare I say cute caboose on the label which sold me the rest of the way. Plus I have a beer buying anxiety which causes me to stare and pace for hours in even the smallest beer sections trying to make up my mind. When the frostbite kicks in or secret shoppers start to trail me, I freak out and grab the nearest and cheapest beer with the coolest label.



American Brewing Company is an infant microbrewery born in 2011 in Edmonds, Washington.

American-Brewing-Company-Oatmeal-Stout-345636First Impression: I bought one of the 22 ouncers from the local Gross-Out (AKA Grocery Outlet). I had very nearly bought the American Blonde, but having already been with a blonde American once in my life, I decided against it—on account of my aforementioned neglected New Year’s resolution. As I’ve already said, my first impression was fear. These aren’t my usual go-to beer styles, but here goes something.

Pour: It poured dark brown-black with a light brown head. It would be easier to see through tinted glass than this beer. When it hit the glass I could hear the stout’s weight—which was no surprise.  It smelled like dark roasted coffee (or molasses) and made me ask myself why again I was attempting to try new things.Taste: It will take some deep digging in my taste bud thesaurus to avoid using the beer’s name in the definition: but initially, the tastes that first entered my mind were stout with an oatmeal after taste. There was a sort of coffee and chocolate flavor in there, as well. I would recommend M&M’s with this beer, too! I was surprised by how easily it went down and it didn’t coat my mouth as much as other oatmeal stouts I’ve tried. Don’t take this to mean it was light, but it was just lighter than most stouts I’ve tasted in the past. This is a plus if you aren’t a fan of the heavy stuff, like me—but I suppose a potential minus if you bought stout for stoutness. This Oatmeal Stout got easier to drink the further I got, but maybe this was because it was 7%; it still took up until the moment De Niro played mind games with the secret service guy while packing serious heat for me to finish it—which is a couple hours in to the movie. My final impression is exactly what I suspected it might be, it was well crafted and though it was (for me) refreshingly lighter than expected, still not my cup of tea—I mean, beer.  For you fans of the heavy stuff, you’ll love this caboose for sure. For those of you Amber, Blonde, and Hef-leaning drinkers like me, I’d definitely advise trying one of American Brewing’s many other amazing beer choices. It’s a new company and you can taste the love and individual attention given to each batch. I can tell quality crafted beer, and this definitely is—for the fans. The larger personal lesson I learned: never try new things.

Grade: B+

ABV: 7%
IBU: 30