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Monthly Archives: November 2012

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By: Katie Schroepfer

Being from Minnesota, a typical farm consists of one little house, a barn and giant fields of...

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By: Ian Trombulak

Election season is finally over. What better way to follow up three straight months of hearing...

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By: Theresa Shultz

Drinking while you’re high just got a little more enjoyable. I’m referring to being high in the sky while on...

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By: Katie Schroepfer

We’ve all gone to lunch for a burger and a beer and ended up feeling the huge...

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By: Christopher Willey

When I left off we were in the times of the beer-loving Pharaoh, when beer was...

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By: Craft Beer Deer

First Impressions: Double Wide IPA from Boulevard Brewing was not purchased because of its cool...

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By: Katie Schroepfer

It’s getting cold out, or cold enough, to start drinking those darker brews. I’ve been leaning towards stouts, specifically...