2012 Colorado Brewers Festival

Most of Colorado seems to be up in flames but that didn’t stop people from attending the 2012 Colorado Brewers’ Festival. Fort Collins, still battling to beat their wildfire, hosted the festival on June 23 and 24. It included over 70 Colorado beers, 40 plus Colorado breweries and 15 bands.

Downtown Fort Collins was full of anxious people wanting to try as many brews as they could fit into the two-day event and with the variety of quality beers, they succeeded. Avery, Boulder Beer, Crazy Mountain, and Odell Brewing are just a few of the full-bodied brews that seemed fit for this Colorado festival, boasting their favorite beers as people slammed their samplers and hurried to try something new.

The Tommyknocker Brewery caught my attention with their Maple Nut Brown and Nice Saison beers. Anyone that sampled them could tell how pure and flavorful both beers are. With the use of two hops, Perle and Willamette, the Maple Nut Brown ale has the perfect combination of pure maple syrup and roasted, caramel and chocolate malts. Tommyknocker’s Nice Saison is their seasonal ale with a spicy aroma and more crisp taste.

Another great brewery that joined the festivities was the Crazy Mountain Brewery.  With their Lava Lake Wit, a beer fit for any time of day, and their Hookiebobb IPA it would be easy to ignore the rest of the breweries around the festival and fill up on some Crazy Mountain brew. Not only will both crafts make you feel great and full, Crazy Mountain donates 1% of all proceeds towards different organizations to make you feel even better about spending money on the brew.

These two breweries are just a tiny sample of the greatness that ensued at the Colorado Brewers’ Festival this year. If you missed the Colorado brews joining together, that’s okay because Colorado knows how to keep great beers brewing and you can get a good chunk of the beers elsewhere.

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