12 Degree Brewing Walter’s White

By: Colleen Kelly

The aroma of, well, beer, wafts up to greet me as I walked into 12 Degree Brewing in Louisville, CO. Louisville is charming with its iconic Main Street straight out of the turn of the last century. In addition, Louisville is my home. My digs. Where I’ve lived since moving from NY last year. I moved out west with dreams in my head of vigilante justice, Los Pollos Hermanos, and the infamous Heisenberg. It’s only fitting that I decided to try a Walter’s White- hold the gunfire. For all inquiries into the names referenced in this post, fire up the Wikipedia mobile to Breaking Bad.


First impression: 12 Degree is a cozy nook perfect for reading that last chapter, getting ahead on your latest project or just plain drinking beer. The name comes from the old Belgian measuring scale of ‘degrees.’ Fermentable sugar content (how strong the beer is) was measured in numbers which were often given as names to the beers that the Trappist monks brewed. When the brewers at 12 Degree tested their Velour Fog, its 12 on the degree scale quickly became the name of the dwelling that would house the Fog and its numerous companions.

Pour: The White pours with the consistency of a much lighter, less flavorful beverage. The most noticeable part of the pour is the near translucency of the beer.

Taste: The Walter’s White is brewed with wheat, coriander and orange peel. The first few sips are a tad sweet, almost like honey. This sweetness coupled with the fruity undertones and finally the bitter finish make this a beer that transcends the seasons. Quite simply, this beer is refreshing. This is what a Belgian white should taste like. Its color paints the likeness of a dandelion in the golden light of a summer sunset, while its bold taste can make even the harshest winter blizzard seem like an afternoon playing chess in the park.

Grade: A.

ABV: 5.7%

IBU: 18.2